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.digital roadshow: come along, have your say and get involved

The launch of the .digital roadshow format sees TU Wien officially kick-starting the collaborative design of the digital change process.

Digitalization is a subject that affects all areas of TU Wien to a greater or lesser extent. If you are aware of this, something else also becomes clear: the success of the digital transformation process cannot depend on the Rector's Office or on individual departments alone. It very much depends upon the contribution of each and every individual who has a significant influence on designing this process – and thus also shaping it.

Come along, have your say...

The subject is vast, sometimes highly complex, and in many areas requires extremely proactive planning. A series of launch events for all faculties and colleagues in service offices have been arranged to give participants an introduction to the matter of digitalization. These events provide anyone who is interested with information on our digitalization strategy and our plan for the operational implementation of projects. At the same time, if you attend, you also need to contribute: your own ideas, concepts or projects. The .digital roadshows provide the ideal environment in which to ask questions as well as raise any doubts, criticisms or concerns. As everyone knows, one idea tends to lead to another, so any input that moves the process forward in some small way is valuable.

and get involved

If you are ready for action, you can get involved right away: focus groups are planned, and are already being set up, for each subject area. Leaders have already been appointed for the subject areas of teaching and research. They plan to organise an initial focus group meeting by mid-July. Anyone who is interested and committed can get in touch to get involved. You will find all the details in the Focus Groups menu item [link].

The Administration focus group will focus on interdisciplinary processes that extend across all areas of the university. This focus group is currently being set up and the group leader will be announced at the .digital roadshow event for the service units.

The subject of infrastructure is also one that cuts across all areas. As Vice Rector Eberhardsteiner and Head of, opens an external URL in a new window, Bernd Logar, are very closely involved in the digital transformation process and are working on initial projects [website link], no separate focus group will be set up for this topic for the time being.

Stay in touch

We're staying focused on the digital transformation process – we hope you are too! The new, opens an external URL in a new window services provide you with a whole host of opportunities to stay in touch with us (TUchat, opens an external URL in a new window) or to keep yourself up to date (TUwiki, opens an external URL in a new window). We are always happy to receive your comments, information and feedback!