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The "Whose Space?" publication is finished

For years, gender planning has been a focus in the elective area of the architecture and spatial planning degree programme. In the summer semester of 2022, the course "Feminist appropriation of space - political interventions in public space" was offered. political interventions in public space" was offered. The contents of the course have now been summarised in a publication.

On the cover page is written in bold letters "Whose Space? Feminist appropriation of space - political interventions in public space", underneath there are two logos, one of future.lab and one of TU Wien. In the background you can see asphalt written on with purple chalk.

Cover sheet publication Whose Space

The contents of the publication were developed by students of the Vienna University of Technology as part of the course "Feminist appropriation of space - political interventions in public space" in the summer semester 2022.

[We design space...]

The topic of gender planning has already been examined in various ways in the last courses. The motivation for this course was to not only deal with the subject theoretically, but to actively go out and redesign the space. It was conceived on the initiative and idea of the students Eileen Stephan, Emma Neuner and Marie Pointner.

Public space is permeated by power, relations of domination and norms. The course dealt with feminist appropriation of space and looked for creative possibilities of rearrangement. The focus was on the possibilities of self-determined production of a feminist, socially just space. Three aspects were of particular importance:

  • Research/visit of existing places/projects and preparation of literature
  • Spatial analysis and development of ideas
  • Implementation/realisation of interventions

The students worked out different topics and projects in groups. All results were taken into public space during the Action Day on 2 June 2022. The result was an exciting mixture of exhibition, performance, video installation and party. The interventions were spatially concentrated on Karlsplatz and the main building of the Vienna University of Technology. The appropriated space was (re)used, played with or redesigned in such a way that it corresponded to gender-equitable planning. A special concern of the colleagues was to point out and discuss the existing (gender) injustices in the city.

The results of the course and the intervention were collected in the publication "WHOSE SPACE?" and can thus be viewed afterwards. Further content, videos and photos can also be found on the website, opens an external URL in a new window.

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There will also be a joint presentation with the "About Lakes" publication on 6 October 2020, at 17.00. More information about the event will follow!