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The right path envolves in movement – gain corporate success with the right talents

In an increasingly fast-moving world, companies have to contend with various external changes. Social change, technological innovations and economic fluctuations affect employers and employees alike and have consequences for both parties. But the world of work is also shaped by entrepreneurial changes inside the corporations.

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In the future only companies that take care of their in-house talents will be successful on the market. The decisive factor here is how they recruit their internal junior staff, whether they can motivate and encourage them and whether the companies manage to retain excellent people. The demographic forecasts are clear and companies' long-term experience with the lack of qualified specialists is too long-lasting. In principle, the need for qualified talent management is beyond doubt.

The knowledge is here... you just need to learn from it!

Based on these facts, the question comes up, what does qualified talent management actually inherent? How is talent management organized today and is really that meaningful and effective for long lasting success? Numerous companies pursue two central goals with talent management:

  • qualified internal replacement of key positions should be achieved and
  • a sustainable loyalty of highly qualified employees to the company should be created.

With the expertise of Transformation Management AG, opens an external URL in a new window, a company specializing in Cultural Transformation, learning architectures for organizational excellence, leadership development and strategic talent and succession management, over 150 relevant projects in talent and succession management had been completed. 

With the new English compact-program at TU Wien ACE, in cooperation with Transformation Management AG, opens an external URL in a new window & EIT Manufacturing, opens an external URL in a new window, participants can gain knowledge for a lifetime and bring relevant content in their own work environment right away. With insights of the international study "Talent and Succession Management on the Test Bench" by Transformation Management AG, with over 400 companies participating, the broad practical outcome will be a mayor part of the programs content.

During the course the following questions will be no longer unanswered:

  • what strategic competency, talent and succession management means and how it can achieve a higher level of maturity in your company - pragmatically, purposefully, professionally?
  • how a future-oriented competency model should be designed and where it can be used sensibly and helpfully?
  • how talent can be strategically identified in a proper way?

The ccompact-programs content also focuses on other relevant fields with regard to digital & economic purpose of individual business areas, f.e. how to identify the most useful digital formats that provide support. Or what must not be ignored when using IT & software in the process. The return on investment (RoI) should also be presented pragmatically with the help of a customized talent management cockpit - what are the most efficient ways to do this?

It is a broad field that talent and succession management essentially covers; in a broader sense, it is ultimately about successful learning architectures of the future (digital, analog, synchronous, asynchronous), which should no longer be missing in any successful company. After all, challenges of the future can easily be met efficiently with the right staff, despite possible hurdles along the way. 

Even if we cannot predict exactly what the future will look like, some central cornerstones will remain stable in the future: A well-positioned team with a long-term view of trends, developments and tendencies, forms the basis for the certificate course.

For more information about the upcoming English compact-program Strategic Competence & Talent Management please visit our course page. Deadline for registration is February 18, 2024.


Mag. Vanessa Racz
Senior Program Manager
Management & Leadership

+43 1 588 01 41708