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Conference: 10 International Congress on Rheology

24. July - 4. August 2023 - Greece (Athens)

Sum up presentations -  Athens 2023

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Upper position: A. Robisson  Left position: S. Dhar Right position: T. Liberto

Subhransu Dhar, Teresa Liberto and Agathe Robisson attended the ICR 2023. They talked about cement rheology and development of heterogeneities, the (challenging) measurement of early stage cohesion and the shear-induced migration of particles during concrete pumping.
They present their works with the following titles:

Agathe Robisson: "Shear-induced particle migration in a cement slurry under pipe flow: Insight into the process of pipe blockage during concrete pumping"

Subhransu Dhar: "Hetereogeneous flows in shared cement suspension"

Teresa Liberto:"Detecting early-stage cohesion due to C-S-H with rheology & SFA"

Agathe also chaired two sessions of Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics with Priscilla Varges from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


We would like to thank the organisers of this amazing conference, which gave us the possibility to hear outstanding talks and meet with great colleagues.

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