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TU IMMO courses at the Job Fair 2024 at the HTL Bautechnikum Wien

Great interest and exciting presentations on the subject of jobs and training in the construction and real estate sector. The Vienna University of Technology (ACE) was represented at the second edition of the job fair at the HTL Bautechnikum Wien.

Exhibition hall with information stands, exhibitors and pupils

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TU (ACE) information stand at the trade fair

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Side aisle with exhibitors' stands

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Panel discussion - stage with screen, panelists and students

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On 31 January, the second edition of the Career Days took place at the HTL Camillo Sitte (Bautechnikum) in Leberstrasse in Vienna's 3rd district, which specializes in construction technology. The TU Wien Academy of Continuing Education was also represented at this event this year with its real estate course offerings. Companies and education providers from the fields of civil engineering, traffic route construction and real estate gathered to inform students about offers, career opportunities and further education at the one-day fair. This offer was gladly taken up by the pupils and there was a positive exchange.

Lectures and panel discussion

The very professionally organized event also included specialist presentations from the exhibiting companies, as well as a panel discussion on the future of the construction industry and training in this area, with Birgit Fenderl from ORF leading the exciting discussion. The experts from the construction industry agreed that sound training is essential and provides the necessary tools to be successful in this field. The need to constantly adapt teaching in the direction of imparting skills rather than simply accumulating knowledge was also emphasized.


Real estate courses at the TU (ACE) in great demand

In his lecture, Gerald Prucher emphasized the long-standing successful tradition of the real estate courses at TU Wien (ACE), as well as the good response of our graduates in the economy, and the good studyability of the part-time courses such as MSc Real Estate Investment & Valuation and the Real Estate Management course (4 semesters), which is of particular interest to HTL graduates and, in combination with professional practice, qualifies them for professions such as real estate agent or property developer. The response and interest of the students in the courses was very positive and it was an informative and successful event for all sides.