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Jupyter - an open source service for your e-learning events

In .dcall 2021, a completely free software based on TUWEL was further developed for teachers and an online course was set up in parallel in another project.

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The projects "Jupyter as a Service 2.0" and "JaaS-MOOC" are two follow-up projects in .dcall and are being continuously developed and scaled. E-learning platforms have many advantages - from flexibility to time and cost savings. This is why more and more services and interactive tools are being integrated into the Jupyter infrastructure, which is based on the TUWEL e-learning platform. The service is now used for 20 lectures and offers over 2,000 students access to a powerful hardware platform. A grader service for the automatic grading of assignments has also been integrated.

The "JaaS-MooC" project is an example of the use of this service and is currently being expanded in .dcall 2023.

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