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.dcall 2021: Submit now and implement TU innovations

Have you always wanted to implement a digitalisation project at TU Wien? Then you have the opportunity to do so at .dcall 2021. Submissions are now possible!

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With the .dcall 2021 we are again looking for project ideas that can help shape the future of TU Wien - be it in teaching, in administrative processes, in research support or in the digital infrastructure. We are looking for projects that can be implemented with a duration of 6-9 months and a budget of a maximum of € 30,000. In order to support the generation of ideas, we have defined subject areas together with the Rectorate for which we are looking for projects.

It is also important that these projects can benefit the entire TU: be it as a pilot project or blueprint that can be applied to other areas at TU Wien; be it as a test run, which can then be scaled significantly larger at TU Wien. Sustainability and cooperation across topics of organizational units are also important, as cross-cutting topics can affect as many areas as possible.

How can I submit to the .dcall 2021?

A two-stage submission process is planned for this .dcall in order to better distribute the effort for the future project manager and keep it plannable.

1. Step: Submitting an abstract:

In the first step, you submit your idea in the form of a short abstract using our submission tool. You have until January 14, 2022 to do this. All submissions go straight to the .digital office and are checked there promptly. You will receive feedback on any need for changes or on the further development of a project application. Details can be found in the TU coLAB space, opens an external URL in a new window.

2. Step: Detailed project application:

If all the information in the abstract is complete and the project meets the criteria of the .dcall 2021, the submitter will be invited by the .digital office to follow-up with a detailed project application by January 28, 2022. The Rectorate then selects the funded projects. The implementation of the projects can begin in March 2022.

If you feel like advancing the digital transformation at TU Wien with us, then visit our information page for the .dcall 2021, opens an external URL in a new window.


In addition, we offer information appointments in the submission phase:

Information date .dcall 2021 - Step 1 (abstract): Monday, December 20, 2021, 9-10 a.m.