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.dcall 2021: Bundling digital services in a meaningful way

Under the One Stop Shop principle, new digital service options were analysed and developed in three .dcall 2021 projects.

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[Translate to English:] Projekt University Service Management - .dcall 2021

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TU Wien has many service units that offer a wide range of services for students and staff. In order to find fresh ideas and perspectives for these services, new ideas for service designs and digital workflows were initiated in the .dcall 2021 under the One-Stop-Shop principle. The introduction of a One-Stop-Shop service brings many advantages, such as the standardisation of processes, the shortening of communication channels or the faster completion of tasks. Services such as work tools and platforms can also have a positive effect here, which is why digital solutions were also analysed and further developed here.

All three projects under the umbrella of .dcall 2021 were able to achieve their goals and were successfully concluded as projects. However, the topics dealt with will continue to be worked on in the future, partly in the respective organisational units, partly as a follow-up project in .dcall 2023 with new goals and tasks. We review the results of these successful projects for you in short videos: