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.dcall 2021: Making data easier, faster and available in large quantities

The potentials of providing and using data and videos in an inter- and transdisciplinary way were demonstrated and further developed in two .dcall 2021 projects.

[Translate to English:] Projekt TUW Data Services

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[Translate to English:] Projekt Open Data | Open Science

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Data is the "raw material" of science and research. Due to the ever-increasing amounts of data, the provision and retrieval of data is becoming increasingly important both nationally and internationally. This is because inter- and transdisciplinary storage locations and shared access to data enable transparency on the one hand and the further development of data analysis on the other, which generates added value for society. Not to be forgotten is the maintenance of the metadata behind the data to improve findability. In the .dcall projects "TUW DataServices" and "Open Data I Open Science", steps have been taken in these directions and are currently being further developed in the respective organisational units.