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Linking data usefully for research and teaching

Data and digitalization belong together. A functioning infrastructure for researching and teaching using data and algorithms is therefore of central importance - also at the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation.

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Data are de facto indispensable in any scientific discipline, including mathematics and geoinformation. Within the framework of the target agreements, the faculty has therefore defined focal points in which digitalisation projects are to be implemented. One particular focus is on building an infrastructure for the use of data and algorithms for research and teaching. Research, for example, often works with very large and specific data sets from earth observation, which should be made manageable accordingly. In teaching, the Jupyter notebook infrastructure is particularly interesting, as it offers more possibilities to combine different teaching contents.

Wolfgang Wagner, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation, explains in more detail in the latest issue of our .digital news bits series what the digitalisation projects at his faculty will look like:, opens an external URL in a new window