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contextflow – on a wave of success with AI-assisted diagnostics

contextflow, a TUW spin-off, stands for AI-based medical diagnostics. Now, in a highly competitive process, the biotech company received significant funding from the European Innovation Council's funding pot.

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The founding team of contextflow (from left to right): Georg Langs, Allan Hanbury, Markus Holzer, René Donner

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contextflow stands out with cutting-edge medical technology; the former start-up founded by Georg Langs, Allan Hanbury, Markus Holzer and René Donner develops deep learning-based tools for radiologists designed to save time and improve reporting quality. 

Cutting-edge innovation through contextflow 

contextflow’s success story began in 2016 with the support of the (i2c, opens an external URL in a new window) start-up service of the Technische Universität Wien. From the very beginning, the start-up's enormous potential was clear and its developments towards market readiness were supported with prizes and funding from national and international sponsors. Already in 2020, the company received 1.2 million euros from the European Innovation Council. With the funding that has just been pledged, the European Commission is demonstrating its desire to provide long-term support to European-based companies with cutting-edge innovations.

The company's core technology is aimed at radiologists:

  • ADVANCE Chest CT offers comprehensive computer-aided detection support for ILD, COPD and lung cancer
  • the TIMELINE feature quantifies and visualizes nodules over time, allowing physicians to follow treatment progress easily and efficiently
  • INSIGHTS detects and quantifies key image findings and nodules, and
  • SEARCH provides qualitative information for 19 disease patterns plus suggestions for differential diagnosis and links to medical literature.

The funding – Accelerator equity investment

In the short years since its founding, contextflow has grown into a company with more than 40 employees. It has been a company of interest to public and private investors from the beginning. Recently contextflow was awarded funding by the European Innovation Council as part of the Accelerator equity investment. In a highly competitive process, the start-up is the only Austrian company to prevail among 551 competitors. The exact amount of the investment is not being communicated.

In response to the EIC equity investment, contextflow says: "The best way to say thank you is to continue to develop our comprehensive clinical decision support for thoracic CT so radiologists can complete their routine tasks faster and with greater confidence and accuracy." 

Congratulations to contextflow!

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