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Conference: 2nd Annual Conference of the Austrian Society for Rheology

November 17, 2023 at the JKU in Linz (Austria)

Linz 2023: Austrian Rheology Conference

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Left corner: Ass. prof. Teresa Liberto (keynote speaker) with her lecture. In the right corner: Toni Bakovic (PhD student) and his lecture.

Teresa Liberto gave a keynote talk “Challenges in the study of fresh sustainable construction materials”. Several group members gave talks: Toni Bakovic on “Rheological Characterization of Clay pastes for Sustainable Pourable Clay Concrete”, Subhransu Dhar on “Spherical balls settling through a quiescent cement paste” and Muhammad Shahid on “Fresh-mix properties of cement pastes containing graphene oxide: rheology and calorimetry”. Dennis Amstutz, who does his master project with us, presented a poster on “Experimental observation of suspension sedimentation in a horizontal annular tube”. 

Roman Kerschbaumer, from the Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH and Agathe Robisson chaired the session on Building materials, where contributions from Wood K plus, BOKU and TU Wien lead to fruitful dicussions.

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