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Community-Kick-off chatGPT/KI@TUW

The easy access to ChatGPT has brought the topic of AI to wide attention. At TU Wien, a community on the topic is now being initiated, which is intended to connect interested parties from different areas of the TU with each other. The focus is particularly on the benefits for service areas.

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With chatGPT, the topic of artificial intelligence has also arrived in mainstream discussions. This is reason enough for TU Wien to deal with it not only in research but also in service and administration. In order to bring together interested parties from different areas of the TU, the .digital office organised a kick-off event on 10 July to initiate this networking. The aim is to establish a strong community within TU Wien, which can also act as a knowledge hub to bring together topics, knowledge and people.

Thinking forward as one community

In his introductory remarks, VR Eberhardsteiner expressly welcomed this community initiative and pointed out the long-term relevance of the topic. After a short input from the .digital office, various questions and topics were discussed in a joint brainstorming session to exchange knowledge and experience. But this initial networking meeting was only the starting signal for a joint initiative at the TU Wien that will continue to grow. The .digital office acts as a docking point for the community.

Join in the conversation and network at all times

If you are also interested in the topic, want to contribute your experiences and questions and would like to be part of this growing network: We have prepared a digital networking opportunity in TU coLAB, opens an external URL in a new window where you can sign up at any time. We look forward to seeing you! There will certainly be networking meetings again, which we will inform you about in advance.

And whenever questions or topics come up, just comment in the space, post them in the TUchat channel at , opens an external URL in a new windowor send us an e-mail at We are always happy to receive suggestions!