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CCTV system developed to boost bank security

Martin Kampel from the Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Group at Vienna University of Technology has developed a computer-based close-circuit television (CCTV) system which can identify and track suspicious behavior and alert automatically to banks.

Martin Kampel

After being observed whether it is moving and what it is, the object will be tracked by the video cameras of the computer-based surveillance system, developed by Vienna University of Technology.

With the help of mathematical algorithm, the recorded scenes will be automatically interpreted to identify the untypical personal behaviors.

95 percent of the customers stay in the same place of the bank when waiting, and if they only wait and observe surroundings for an excessively long time or without any purpose to make a transaction, they would be tracked by the system because of their atypical and suspicious behaviors.

However, Kampel and his colleagues still need to resolve some difficult problems, such as how to reduce the improper alarms caused by children. It is said that the whole program is expected to be completed in 2008.

2006 the number of bank robbery incidents in Vienna has reached the all time high of 68.