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Business Evening - "Global Production Strategy of Honda"with Mr. Roland Berger, Branch President, Honda Austria

Business Evening Roland Berger (Honda Austria)

On February 6. 2014 the next Business Evening "Global Production Strategy of Honda" with Mr. Roland Berger, Branch President, Honda Austria took place.
Mr. Berger started his professional career as a race engineer and an engine designer. Since more than 31 years he has been working at Honda. He is now President of Honda Central Europe. He was 20 years in charge of motorcycle product planning for Europe.

In the beginning he introduced the company Honda and its products. Honda has three divisions, Motorcycle, Autos and Power product. Honda has 70 manufacturing facilities in 27 countries across all 3 divisions and produces globally more than 4.5 million vehicles. The R&D investment is at the heart of Honda’s product strategy, investing a greater proportion of total revenue in R&D than competitors.

Honda is producing environmental friendly. With the production specialization and the new technology the energy and CO2 emission were reduced. Through the cogeneration system the energy will be generated for the production.

It was a good opportunity to hear the global production strategy of Honda.