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Creating better plannability in teaching organisation

Organising teaching is an extensive undertaking. However, when this task arises at a large faculty, the degree of complexity increases enormously. The Faculty of Architecture and Planning therefore wants to create digital support for the future.

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The Faculty of Architecture and Planning is one of the large faculties at TU Wien, which has to cope with correspondingly high student numbers. Every semester, organising the courses presents the faculty with enormous challenges. On the one hand, lecturers directly available at the faculty have to be assigned in the best possible way, but external lecturers also have to be organised. If these requirements are then also put into relation with the available rooms in the main building of TU Wien, the planning is even more tricky. Since there are corresponding options for students to choose courses, there is a varying degree of demand for different courses. This not only creates discontent among all those involved, but also represents an additional level of complexity for planning.

In order to better meet these challenges in the future, the Faculty of Architecture and Planning has defined a priority project in its target agreements with the Rectorate. Dean Rudolf Scheuvens outlines in the latest episode of our .digital news bits series how the faculty will tackle this with the support of the Faculty of Informatics:, opens an external URL in a new window