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APCC Special Report "Structures for a climate-friendly life"

The APCC Special Report is dedicated to the question of how all areas of life can be transformed in order to achieve the climate goals. The report shows that structures are needed for a climate-friendly life and that the prevailing call for individuals to change their behavior shifts this problem to the individual and is not sufficient. The report therefore focuses on the joint design of structures.

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The exhibitor of the APCC Special Report "Structures for Climate-Friendly Living" stands in front of a desk.

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APCC Special Report

An exhibitor of the APCC Special Report "Structures for Climate-Friendly Living".

Our colleagues Nina Svanda and Sibylla Zech have described the contribution of spatial planning to the structures for climate-friendly living in Chapter 19 "Spatial planning" of the APCC Special Report. They address the necessary changes, describe structures, forces and barriers and conclude with an outlook on the design options for spatial planning. The design options focus on the fact that the necessary changes require a new public awareness, political will and legal and institutional prerequisites.


Further information on the report can be found at:, opens an external URL in a new window 
The book can be read as Open Access at Spinger under the following link:, opens an external URL in a new window

The entire ACCP Special Report is also available as a print version in our library and can be borrowed there.