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Alumni Success Story: High Efficiency LED Illumination for a University Campus in Brazil


Saren, a Brazil-based company specialized in offering economical and sustainable solutions in energy, is on a mission. Saren seeks to provide approaches for higher energy efficiency and for the application of renewable energy technologies.

We are especially proud to count Saren Founder and Executive Partner Cesar Aguiari among our Alumnis of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems, opens an external URL in a new window, Class 2010-2012.

One of Saren’s recent projects is a classic energy efficiency project in the campus of the UNIRP University of Applied Sciences in Brazil: the old lighting system has been replaced by highly efficient and durable LED luminaires, reducing energy consumption by more than 60%.

The aim of the implemented project was a comprehensive renewal of the lighting system on the UNIRP campus: the replacement of the conventional lighting system, which mainly consisted of fluorescent (metal halide) lamps, with highly efficient and durable LED luminaires not only brought significant cost savings but also a noticeable improvement in lighting quality in the utility rooms.

More than 5,500 lighting elements were replaced in the project, reducing the energy consumption of the lighting system from 115,447 kWh per month to 41,505 kWh. This equates to energy savings of 64% for room lighting with a monthly cost savings of approximately € 11,000.

The investment costs of the project were pre-financed by Saren and local investors, and UNIRP repays them in installments from the cost savings of the optimized lighting. These monthly financing rates have been paid on time by the customer since July 2018.

Saren is currently working on the diversification of their funding sources and started a crowd-financing campaign with an Austrian platform:, opens an external URL in a new window

The funds from the crowdinvesting campaign allow Saren to re-finance the project and optimize its financing structure. It is also an important new source of finance for Saren and gives them access to the European investment market in energy technologies.

They have already exceeded 70% of the minimum amount of the Crowd Funding campaign and it seems they will be heading to the first milestone in the next few days.

If you want to find out more about the project or would like to support by investing in the project please visit, opens an external URL in a new window 

We would like to congratulate our Alumni Cesar Aguari and his team from Saren Brazil on this success!

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