05. June 2023, 17:30 until 19:00

Vienna Gödel Lecture 2023: Carla P. Gomes


TU Wien Informatics will be welcoming Carla P. Gomes, AI expert and founder of the emerging field of computational sustainability, for the Gödel Lecture 2023. She will delve into the challenges and possibilities to create a sustainable future with AI.

Since 2013, TU Wien Informatics has been bringing world-class scientists to Vienna with the Vienna Gödel Lectures – from Turing Prize winner Donald E. Knuth to Jeannette Wing from Microsoft Research to Google Research Director Peter Norvig.

This year, the Vienna Gödel Lecture is part of our “AI+Logic Week”, focusing on AI and Computational Sustainability. We invite you to join internationally renowned AI expert Carla P. Gomes to explore whether AI is a friend or foe in the fight for a sustainable future.

Vienna Gödel Lecture: “AI for Scientific Discovery and a Sustainable Future”

by Carla P. Gomes, Nielsen Professor of Computing and Information Science at Cornell University, director of the Institute for Computational Sustainability, and Co-Director of the Cornell University AI for Science Institute.

You are welcome to join us for drinks and snacks after the event.

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