Personnel procedure involving the AKG

The personnel procedure process is outlined below. The Committee on Equal Treatment (AKG) must be involved at several stages in the process.

to do:

You must submit the advertisement text to the relevant AKG member for your Service Unit (see contact, opens in new window) no later than 14 days prior to publication, so that it can be checked for accuracy (see regulation).

Underlying regulation:

All positions at TU Wien must be advertised. The only exceptions are for lecturers and temporary third-party funded positions (see Universities Act (UG) 2002). The text must not contain direct or indirect discrimination and will be published after confirmation by the relevant member of the AKG (processing period of 6 working days!) at least in the TU Wien newsletter.

Principles for non-discriminatory text composition:

  1. The text must be sufficiently accurate (not too specific and not too general).

  2. The text must be non-discriminatory in accordance with the principles of the Federal Equal Treatment Act.

  3. Gender-based text can be drafted using neutral or dual-gender forms of reference.  More specific guidelines can be found under gender-neutral language.

to do:


The published advertisement must appeal to suitable female candidates. According to the guidelines for advertisements at TU Wien and the current AKG directive: "AKG directives to avoid repetition of an advertisement, opens a file in a new window" (German only), different steps must be taken to appeal to female applicants, depending on the job type. These must be listed in the AKG's respective form (under Forms) to avoid a second round of advertising. The search for female applicants must be documented in accordance with the regulations.

Potential contact points that can help you find qualified female candidates are available under Help.

Important: If, by the end of the application period, the search for female applicants has been unsuccessful, the directives and forms together with all documentation (copies of mails, etc.), must be forwarded to the AKG member.

Underlying regulation:

The advertising body is obliged to actively search for suitable female candidates and to document this search for suitable female candidates (see Directives to avoid repetition of an advertisement, opens a file in a new window).

Career Advancement Plan for Women (FFP) § 29 Para 3: "If no applications from suitably qualified women have been submitted by the application deadline and if no efforts have been undertaken to attract female applicants, the job shall be advertised again before the selection procedure begins and efforts shall be undertaken to attract female applicants. If the AKG does not present a reasoned objection in its opinion, the repetition of the job advertisement may be omitted. If no applications are submitted by women after the new job advertisement, the selection procedure shall be carried out."

If suitable female applicants are sought at other universities or in international fora, the , opens an external URL in a new windowadvertisement text must not be abbreviated. If the advertisement is translated into a foreign language, the German-language original must be sent with the translation or linked to it.

to do:

After the application deadline has expired, a list of all applications and all application documents must be submitted to the relevant AKG member. All female applicants who fit the advertisement criteria must be invited for interview.

The AKG member must receive sufficient notice of their invitation to the interview by at least 6 working days before the date of the interview!

Underlying regulations:

All female applicants who fit the advertisement criteria must be invited to selection interviews (cf. Article 30 Para 2 of the FFP), the list of candidates who have been invited and the dates of their admission meeting or selection interview must be submitted to the relevant member of the working group (= 6 working days in advance). The AKG has the right to participate in the selection interviews.

All admission interviews (interviews) must comply with factual and non-discriminatory criteria, the code of conduct and question formulations (cf. Article 31 Para 1 and 3 of the FFP).

If other forms of personnel selection take place, the working group member must be involved and thus given sufficient notice.

to do:

The data sheets must be completed in full and included in the submission to the AKG member for signing.

  • Human Resources data sheets: log in first -> Internal -> Human Resources -> Forms: Link

If there is no repeat advertisement: see "AKG directives to avoid repetition of an advertisement" and forms for each category of personnel under Forms.

Underlying regulation:

Where applicants have the same qualification, if the decision is between selecting a female or male applicant, the regulations on gender equality must be applied (see Article 11 Federal Equal Treatment Act, Article 34 Para 1 FFP).

The recommendation of appointment subsequently drafted must be confirmed by the Working Group on equal opportunities before the new employee(s) commence(s) service (by the relevant work group member). Otherwise, the employment contract is invalid and there is a risk that TU Wien could sustain costly claims for damages as well as damage to its reputation.