Quorum Q150T S Plus Sputter Coater

The Quorum Q150T series presents a fully automated coating system for the deposition of electrically conductive carbon or metal films for electron and ion microscopic applications. The Q150T Plus can be provided solely as a carbon coater (TE), sputter coater (TS) or as a combined system for carbon and sputter coating (TES).

The front view of the Quorum Q150T S Plus sputter coater standing on the work bench of our lab

© Florian Fahrnberger

Quorum Q150T S Plus Sputter Coater

Figure 1: The magnetron sputter coater Quorum Q150T S Plus in the working space of our laboratory.

In our laboratory, the Q150T S Plus magnetron sputter coater is available with the following targets:

  • silver (Ag)
  • gold (Au)
  • molybdenum (Mo)
  • nickel (Ni)
  • platinum (Pt)
  • tungsten (W)

Furthermore, the Q150T S Plus is equipped with a turbomolecular pump for potential sputtering of oxidizing metals.


Find more information on the manufacturer's website, qd-europe.com/at/en/, opens an external URL in a new window.