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Mass spectrometry, chromatography
proteomics, metabolomics, one-carbon metabolism
redox metabolism, activity-based proteomics, omics data analysis.


Matthias studied Technical Chemistry in Graz (1998-2004). His master thesis on retroviral vector systems was conducted at the company Austrianova, Vienna. Thereafter, Matthias joined the Research Center Applied Biocatalysis (now ACIB)  for a collaborative project with the US based company Biocatalytics Inc. (now CODEXIS) in the group of Anton Glieder and received his PhD from Graz  University of Technology in 2008. During his PhD thesis he first came into contact with high throughput UHPLC-MS to screen collections of microbes for their ability to convert active pharmaceutical ingredients into their corresponding human breakdown products.

Excited by the possibilities opened by mass spectrometry Matthias joined our group at the Medical University of Graz as a postdoc to widen his expertise in general OMICs methodologies but also in activity-based proteomics. He designed and synthesized activity-based lipase probes with an incorporated click chemistry handle which are used in our research until today. During this time he also identified key regulatory sites of CGI-58 by employing top-down proteomics. Moreover, given his experience with metabolites obtained during his PhD he developed numerous LC-MS methods for quantification of metabolites for our research projects but also for collaboration partners.

In 2016 Matthias received an Erwin-Schrödinger Fellowship to develop a comprehensive method for the analysis of cellular folate species in the Group of Nicola Zamboni, ETH Zürich. After his fellowship, he rejoined our group first at Medical University Graz and now as assistant professor at TU Wien.