Lab courses in the Research Unit "Chemical Technologies"

If you are interested, please contact the individual principal investigators (PIs) (by email, phone or in person).

Lab courses (elective) in the research unit "Chemical Technologies":

  • Laboratory High Performance Materials LU 164.348 (4 Std. = 4 ECTS)
  • Laboratory High Performance Materials LU 164.351 (6 Std. = 6 ECTS)

  • Laboratory High Performance Materials LU 164.350 (8 Std. = 8 ECTS)

Carrying out experiments in the context of current research. Following the practical work, a protocol must be written.

Thesis opportunities in the research groups of the FB:

Bachelor theses

The practical work lasts 6 weeks. The bachelor's thesis must then be written within a further 6 weeks. For chemists, the corresponding Bachelor's seminar must also be completed as part of the Bachelor's thesis. (LU 164.230 Bachelor thesis + SE 164.251 Bachelor seminar)

Master's theses/diploma theses

The research groups and their project teams offer Master's theses on various topics at regular intervals. The exact questions are continuously adapted to current research issues. Prerequisites for successful participation are an interest in interdisciplinary (mostly materials science) issues, enthusiasm, as well as the ability to work independently and develop your own ideas.

Interested in a Master's thesis? Just contact the corresponding PI for more information: