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Secretariat, Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering

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CS completed his bachelor and master programs in chemistry at the Westfälische Wilhelmsuniversität Münster, Germany right after finishing school in 2011. For his master thesis in 2016, jointly supervised by PD Dr. Hubert Koller and Prof. Dr. Michael Ryan Hansen at the Institute for Physical Chemistry, he investigated how different synthesis and modifications impact zeolite structures and active sites. In his PhD work starting in 2017, which began shortly after in the same group, he went deep into predicting, measuring, and quantifying hydrogen bond interactions of Brønsted acid sites and silanol nests in a large variety of zeolite structures by use of solid-state NMR, culminating with a PhD in 2021.

Since January 2022, he works as a post-doc in the CADRE group at TU Wien, eager to finally see catalysts at work in STO reactions and learn more about the vast topics of chemical engineering and catalysis.

When he is not writing for work, CS works on his writing while drinking way too much tea.

PhD Students

Born and raised in Lleida, a small city on the northeast of Spain, Mireia moved to Malaga to study chemical engineering, both the bachelor and the master’s degree, at the University of Malaga (UMA). During her master, she spent seven months at the department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering of the National University of Singapore (NUS) doing her master thesis on the obtention of alanine from glucose through a photocatalytic process, where the intermediate product was lactic acid, focusing in how to pass from of a two-step reaction to a single-step one.

In November 2021 she started her PhD at TU Wien, on the topic of heterogeneous catalysts for the co-conversion of CO2 and syngas into highly demanded olefins.

Passionate about traveling, TV shows and Eurovision, she is always ready to throw a dart on a map and start a new adventure!

Originally from the south of Burgenland, Nicole moved to Vienna to study and work. After finishing her bachelor's degree in chemistry at Uni Wien, she completed her master's degree at TU Wien in April 2023. Her master's thesis was on nanoalloy cluster catalysts for hydrogen production under the supervision of Dr. Noelia Barrabés.

As of late April 2023, she has started her PhD at TU Wien with focus on metal exchange zeolites for catalysis.

Talk to Nicole about true crime podcasts, TV shows, movies, documentaries, books, and YouTube channels. If this is too niche she is also fond of music, food and drinking coconuts on the beach.

Stylianos Spyroglou comes from Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2021, he received a Master of Engineering in the field of Chemical Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After that, he worked in a 4-month internship on synthesizing high surface area materials for CO2 utilization at TU Wien and came back here a few months later in May 2022 to start his PhD on a similar topic, utilizing induction heating as a novel approach to provide heat to the reactor. 

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