• Planetary mixer (Thinky ARE-250)
  • Ball mills
  • Attrition mill (Netzsch PE-075) with various linings
  • Dip-coater
  • Lab-scale spray drier (Büchi Mini B-290) for aqueous and non-aqueous solutions/suspensions
  • Lab press with cold-isostatic and uniaxial tools
  • Freeze casting setup
  • Freeze drier (Christ Alpha 1-4 LDplus)
  • Glovebox with N2 atmosphere
  • Benchtop 3D printers

  • Low temperature cross-linking furnace with inert gas connection
  • Debinding furnace
  • various box furnaces (Tmax = 1700 °C) for operation in air
  • various tube furnaces (Tmax = 1500 °C) for operation in air, N2, Ar, NH3,...
  • Hot press with graphite furnace (Tmax = 2200 °C) for operation in vacuum, N2, Ar

  • Rheometer (Brookfield DV2T)
  • Thermal analysis (Netzsch STA 449C Jupiter)
  • Full materialography lab
  • Helium pycnometer (Quantachrome Ultrapycnometer 1000)
  • various light optical and digital microscopes
  • Mercury intrusion porosimeter (Thermo Pascal 140/440)
  • Setups for gas permeability testing (plates, cylinders, tubular geometries)
  • Setups for mechanical characterization of ceramics and composites (Vickers hardness, micro-hardness, four-point flexural test after EN 843-1, Ball-on-Three-Balls test, Compressive test,...)
  • Catalyst test rig with micro GC (Inficon Micro GC Fusion)

as well as access to many other analysis techniques and research infrastructure at institute and faculty level as well as at university service centers

Photo of a hot press

Hot press

Photo of a tube furnace

Three-zone tube furnace

Photo of a digital microscope

Digital microscope

Photo of a mercury intrusion porsimeter

Mercury intrusion porosimeter