There are several possibilities for the automatic expiry of admission:

  1. If the studies are completed by passing all examinations prescribed in the curriculum, the admission expires on the date of the last examination.
  2. If the ÖH fee and (if required) the tuition fee are not paid, or not paid in full, within the admission deadline, the admission will also expire.
  3. If you are admitted to more than one austrian university and pay the ÖH fee there without explicitly notifying TU Wien of the continuation, the studies at TU Wien will be closed.
  4. If you fail the last permissible repetition of an examination of the StEOP or another prescribed examination, the admission automatically expires. A renewed admission is not possible. The admission is also not possible for those degree prgorammes at TU Wien in which this examination is included as a compulsory course. However, the same study programme can be taken up at another austrian university.
  5. For students with first-time admission to a bachelor's programme from WS 2022: Admission also expires if the minimum of 16 ECTS within the first two years are not achieved in time. Re-admission to the bachelor's programme is possible after two academic years.

Students have the option of discontinuing their study programme early and deregistering from their study programme. In the case of foreseeable study inactivity, students are also obliged to withdraw from their studies in a timely manner (cf. § 59 Abs. 2 Z 3 UG). Likewise, if you wish to continue the same studies at another Austrian university.

The termination of admission is documented by a certificate of departure. This certificate contains all examinations you have taken during your studies at TU Wien and their grades.

The deregistration is possible all year round and has to be done by Jira, opens an external URL in a new window with scanned student ID (NOT by phone).

Yes, you can resume the same studies at any time during the admission period. The exams you have taken so far as well as the exams you have taken so far in this study program remain valid.

If you have interrupted your studies for more than one semester, you must come in person to the Admission Office during opening hours to continue your studies, as you will be given a new student account. If you have interrupted your studies for one semester, you can report the continuation by via Jira, opens an external URL in a new window or contact formPlease be sure to submit a student ID and indicate the study program!

Please note that in case of a change of curriculum in the meantime, you can only start in the new curriculum! The recognition of examinations will then be done on the basis of the equivalence list in the dean's office.