FAQ Programme-PRe-Phase Technical Mathematics

Deadlines for the Programme-PRe-Phase for the winter semester 2021

Application period: Saturday, February 20, 2021 to Sunday, September 5, 2021.
Please note that admission is only possible in person at the Admissions Office from July 12, 2021 to September 5, 2021. Admission to a Bachelor's Programme after the general admission period (extension period) is only possible in legally stipulated exceptional cases.


At TUW Barrier-free you will find general information to support your studies. The team also helps us with the admission procedure.

Please contact zulassung@tuwien.ac.at before the start of registration (or as soon as you know) and let us know which kind of support do you need.


The Programme-PRe-Phase is intended to serve all prospective students as a decision-making aid for a degree Programme, as well as preparation for entry into the chosen degree Programme. This phase is no a selection tool.

For the Bachelor´s Programme Technical Mathematics (UE 033 201), Bachelor´s Programme Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics (UE 033 203) and Bachelor's Programme Financial and Actuarial Mathematics (UE 033 205)

Five steps to admission, opens an external URL in a new window:

  1. Complete TISS application
  2. Online survey and feedback on knowledge status (Programme-PRe-Phase)
  3. Complete educational documentation (a query of statistical data on the social background of applicants)
  4. Data entry for admission (formerly online pre-entry) - directly from the TISS user
  5. Admission to studies


If you are new at TU Wien please create a TISS, opens an external URL in a new window Guest-Account. With the TISS Guest-Account you can log in to our central TU Wien Information System (TISS).
The TISS guest account is created by entering your e-mail address and password in the form "Create account". Afterwards, a link for confirmation will be sent to the given e-mail address. As soon as you visit the link, your e-mail address is verified and your account is created. 


A TU account is available to all students and employees of TU Wien. Therefore, if you are already studying or working at TU WIen, you can apply for a Bachelor's programme within your TU account.


With your TISS account you can apply for a Bachelor's Programme. Your application will guide you through all necessary steps until you are admitted to the program. However, please also always take note of the general admission requirements which are described on the page of the Admissions Office.
With your application for Architecture programme you also take part in the admission procedure. You can use it to process your registration or postregistration, receive information in the section "Your Application" and can obtain documents.

Basically yes. Please note, however, that for studies with limited places, only one application per programme is possible! For example, it is not possible to apply for spatial planning and architecture in the same year.

Online survey on Programme choice

In the online survey on the planned choice of Programme, structured questions are asked on the motivation to complete the chosen study programme at TU Wien. All contents that are also required in a letter of motivation should be covered.

You call up the online survey directly from your application.

Interactive taster course

A subject-specific interactive course offers initial content on the chosen field of study and information on the course.

You call up the interactive taster course directly from your application.


In a counseling session with appropriately trained representatives of the faculty and students, applicants have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their ideas about the Programme and the resulting career opportunities, for example, the motives for the choice of study, the process and effort of the study Programme, the expectations and the job description.

COVID-19 News: The consultation will be completely online this summer! More detailed information will follow as soon as possible. But please note already that you will need access to a device with camera, speaker and microphone in any case. The possibility to install additional apps on this device would be good.
In your application you can search for a free date for your consultation and book it. All interviews will take place at TU Wien. You will find out the exact location in your application only 72 hours before your appointment. Please get this information in time before you come to your appointment. TU Wien consists of a larger number of buildings and not only the main building. Please note that you must be registered at least 72 hours before your desired appointment!

As long as no interview has taken place, you can cancel your appointment at any time. Please cancel as early as possible to give other applicants the opportunity to attend this appointment.

You can do without the consultation.

In your application, you have the option of waiving the counseling interview and thus completing the Programme-PRe-Phase without an interview.

Educational Documentation

The educational documentation is a query of statistical data on the social background of study applicants. It must be completed by applicants and is used throughout Austria by the Federal Data Processing Centre for the evaluation of statistical queries.


After the adminission process you can officially begin your studies. You can find more information on the admissions pages.

Admissions can be made from the moment when your study place confirmation is available in your TISS account. It is always carried out personally in the Admissions Office. You must book an appointment in your online application.

Further questions and answers

During the data collection for admission, your personal data, which are necessary for admission, and legally required statistical data are collected. The data collection for admission has to be done directly from your application. Only after the data collection you can make the admission.

With the admission you officially start your studies. You can find more information on the admission pages.

Admission can be carried out from the time your Programme-PRe-Phare is completed in your TISS user. It is always done in person at the study department. You must book an appointment for this in your online application!

Further questions and answers

Yes, you are free to apply to different universities with or without admission restrictions for the same Programme. However, admission may only be granted to one university (§ 63 (8) UG 2002).

Your application is independent of your registration for further studies. Please note the respective deadlines and requirements.

A Matura or university entrance qualification is not required for the Programme-PRe-Phase. For admission to the degree programme, however, you do need to have completed the Programme-PRe-Phase and have either a Matura or a university entrance qualification! More detailed information on admission can be found on the admission pages.

A completed Programme-PRe-Phase is valid for 6 semesters, subject to a general change in the admission requirements.

If you are or have already been admitted to a degree Programme in Technical Mathematics at TU Wien, you do not have to do a Programme-PRe-Phase but can continue.

You are treated the same as someone who is not yet studying at all. You have to participate in the Programme-PRe-Phase in order to get a study place.

Please enquire immediately at the Admissions Office about the additional procedural steps required. Please note the longer processing times.