Programme Codes

UE 033 201 - Bachelor's Programme Technical Mathematics
UE 033 203 - Bachelor's Programme Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics
UE 033 205 - Bachelor's Programme Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

Duration of Programmes

6 semesters


180 ECTS




Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Mathematics has played an important role in the development of science and technology for centuries. The importance of mathematics as an interface to technology was further enhanced by the digital revolution in the 20th century.

The Bachelor's Programmes in Technical Mathematics at TU Wien offer you a sound education in the fundamental topics of mathematics as well as a specialization based on your interests, which you can deepen in one of the Master's Programmes.

Technical Mathematics

Various geometric shapes, vectors and formulas are written on a blackboard.

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You will learn to use mathematics in engineering and industry to solve complex problems. You will apply mathematical methods and tools to understand technical problems and find innovative solutions.

Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics

Performance of stock exchange prices

You will learn how to collect, analyze and interpret data in order to make decisions and optimize processes. You will use statistical methods and mathematical tools to represent complex issues in simple figures

Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

A scientific calculator is available in addition to a cost overview.

You will learn how to use mathematical methods in finance and insurance. You will create and evaluate financial products, model random events such as natural disasters and calculate risks for insurance companies.


There is no Admission Procedure for the Bachelor's Programmes in Technical Mathematics. Instead, you must familiarize yourself with the contents of the programme before admission in the so-called Programme Preparation and Reflexion Phase before the admission.

After an online survey on your planned choice of programme, you will take part in an interactive subject-specific taster course. If you wish, you can also take part in an individual counseling session.

All information on the Programme-PRe-Phase in the Bachelor's Programmes in Technical Mathematics can be found on the page of the same name.