1997 First plans for the foundation of a microscopy pool at the TU Wien with the existing TEMs of the institutes 137 (Prof. Peter Schattschneider) and 173 (Prof. Herbert Stachelberger)
1999 Unsuccessful planning of an inter-university service facility (TU Wien - Uni Wien)
  The Senate of the TU Wien decides to establish the University Service Facility for Transmission Electron Microscopy (USTEM). Staff is formed by double assignment of employees of the institutes 137 and 173. 
  A.o. Univ.Prof. Dipl.Ing. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.techn. Peter Schattschneider takes over the management of USTEM
2000 Approval of the operating and use regulations by the Federal Ministry
  Start of operation with one JEOL 200CX and one JEOL 100 CX
  No new building Lehartrakt in sight, nevertheless decision to purchase a TECNAI F20 Fieldemission-TEM
  Establishment of a new electrochemical TEM sample preparation system
  New precision ion mill PIPS at USTEM
2001 Dismantling of the old Siemens Elmiskop with the serial EELS and transfer to a showcase
2003 Installation of the FEGTEM TECNAI F20 with EDX, HAADF (FEI) and GIF 2001 (Gatan)
2004 Installation of a second JEOL 200 CX
2005 Approval of the Uniinfrastructure III project "USTEM DualBeam FIB - 3D Nanoanalytik"
2006 Extension of the sample preparation by a Low-Voltage Gentlemill
  Ass.Prof. Dipl.Ing. Dr.techn. Johannes Bernardi takes over the management of the service facility
  Acquisition planning FEGSEM and analytisches TEM
2007 Installation of the DualBeam FIB Quanta 200 3D with EDX, EBSD and cryo-stage (FEI)
  The two old TEMS JEOL 200CX and JEOL 100CX will be decommissioned after around 20 years of successful operation
  Installation of the FEGSEM Quanta 200 FEG with EDX, EBSD and heating stage
2008 Installation of the analytical TEM TECNAI G2 20 with EDX and STEM (FEI)
  Installation of Image Filter GIF Tridiem at the TECNAI F20 (acquired within the framework of the TU Materials Research Cluster)
  GIF 2001 is installed on the analytical TEM TECNAI G2 20, enabling unique low-voltage EELS investigations worldwide
2009 Installation Cryo-Ultramikrotom RMC-PowerTome PT-PC
  Installation inverse optical microscope Leica DMI5000M
2010 TEM heating stage 1000 °C for in-situ experiments (Gatan)
  Extension of the PIPS ion mill with a low-energy kit (Gatan)
  SEM Force Measurement System for use in the FEGSEM and DualBeam FIB (Kleindiek)
2012 Successful installation X-FEG electron source at TECNAI F20 with increased beam value and improved coherence
2014 Installation of a SDD-EDX Detektor TEAM Apollo XLTW at the FEGTEM TECNAI F20 (AMETEK EDAX)
  Installation of DigiSTEM at the FEGTEM TECNAI F20 (Gatan)
  xT6 upgrade of the FEGSEM Quanta 200 FEG to Quanta 250 FEG
  Installation high-speed EBSD camera Hikari at the FEGSEM  (AMETEK EDAX)
2015 Installation of the VULCAN cathodoluminescence system for the two TEMs (Gatan)
2016 Installation of an SDD -EDX detector Octane Elite 55 at the FEGSEM (AMETEK EDAX)
2017 Installation of the in-situ AFM AFSEM for FEGSEM and DualBeam FIB (Gtec)
2018 Installation of a high speed RIO16 CMOS camera (Gatan) am TECNAI F20 
  Installation of the Octane Elite-T SDD-EDX detectors at the TECNAI G2 20 with 125 eV energy resolution (AMETEK EDAX)
  Mounting the Orius 600 camera (Gatan) on the TECNAI G2 20
  Installation PIPS II Ion Mill (Gatan) 
2020 Installation DualBeam FIB Scios 2 with EDX, nano-manipulation system, in-lens detectors (ThermoFisher)
2022 Completion of the new institute building at the Atomic Institute, equipping the offices
2023 Installation of the TimePix-3 camera on the TECNAI F20
  Exchange of electron source at our TECNAI G2 20 from LaB6 to FEG
2024 Completion of the laboratory facilities in the new institute building