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75 years of electron microscopy at TU Wien (German)

The electron microscope was invented by Ernst Ruska in 1933 and commercially built under his supervision since 1939 by Siemens & Halske in Berlin. For his appointment at TU Wien (former TH Wien), Prof. Ulrich Hofman could order such a brand new instrument already in 1942 (serial number 25). In February 1945 the Siemens & Halske Übermikroskop 100 was dismantled and shipped to Strobl am Wolfgangsee. This way it was protected from being stolen by the red army seizing Vienna in March 1945. It was re-installed in 1946 and inaugurated by the federal president of Austria, Dr. Karl Renner.

A review of our 2017 anniversary:

Venue: TUtheSky, Getreidemarkt 9 (11. Stock), 1060 Wien

Date and time: 20th April 2017, 10:00 - 12:00


10:00     Opening by Prof. Johannes Bernardi, head of USTEM
10:15     Ceremonial address:  VR Prof. Johannes Fröhlich, Vice Rector for Research at the TU Wien
10:30     Words of greeting:  Prof. Adolf Ellinger, President of the Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy (ASEM), opens an external URL in a new window
10:45     The history of electron microscopy:  Dr. Michael Stöger-Pollach
11:15     Electron microscopy at the TU Wien today: Prof. Johannes Bernardi
11:30     The electron microscopy of the future: Prof. Peter Schattschneider
11:50     Opening, buffet and exhibition

[Translate to English:] Siemens und Halske Übermikroskop 100 aus 1942

In addition to a lecture on the history of electron microscopy at the TH/TU Wien, our first Siemens & Halske supermicroscope from 1942, as well as an electron-optical bench from 1962 were exhibited during the ceremony and the subsequent 7th ASEM workshop, of the Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy (ASEM).

The overmicroscope is on loan from the Technical Museum Vienna and has been carefully restored with the financial support of the Association of Friends of Solid State Physics and Chemistry (AMICI), the company Neuman Aluminium, and Siemens Austria.

Sincere thanks go to Dr. Ingrid Prucha and DI Alexander Veiter from the Technical Museum Vienna, as well as Dr. Walid Hetaba, President of AMICI and Mag. Charlotte Schneider from Siemens Austria.


Furthermore, the electron-optical bench from 1962 was on display, with which experimental electron physics was introduced at the TU Wien. 

The commemorative publication "75 Years of Electron Microscopy at the TU Wien" is available from Dr. Michael Stöger-Pollach. In this commemorative publication the most important researchers as well as the available transmission electron microscopes and the researched scientific fields are described in detail.

[Translate to English:] Einband der Festschrift zum 75 jährigen Jubiläum

75 Jahre Elektronenmikroskopie an der TU Wien: 1942 - 2017
80 Seiten, färbig
Verlag: Editio AMICI
ISBN: 978-3-902548-02-3

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