room number: DB08H15
Tel.: +43(0)1 58801 13732

  • chemical nanoanalysis (100 µm - 10 nm)
  • structural analysis with nm resolution
  • 3D tomography for Life Sciences
  • target preparation for TEM with nm precision
  • 3D in-situ analysis of defects or regions of interest in metals, semiconductors, and ceramics
  • preparation and analysis of porous materials
  • preparation and analysis of samples at low temperature employing a cryo-stage
  • preparation, -characterisation and -analysis at pressures up to 2600 Pa and high humidity
  • charging-free imaging of insulating specimens at low-vac up to 130 Pa
  • defect-repair in semiconductor design
  • nanomachining
  • cutting of any structure
  • scripting for fully automatization of the FIB