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We mourn Andrey Nikolaevich Ivanov. Andrey was born on June 3, 1945 in what was then Leningrad. Since 1993 he was a university professor at the…

João Sabino in the laboratory
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A completely new cooling concept has been invented at TU Wien (Vienna): Computer simulations show how quantum fields could be used to break…

[Translate to English:] Ein Blick auf den Atomchip
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Quantum experiments that could previously only be performed with photons are now also possible with atoms: Beams of entangled atoms have been produced…

Thorsten Schumm (mit Uhr) und Bernd Logar (mit Glasfaserkabel)
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Quantenkommunikation über Glasfaserkabel soll nun durch ein großes Infrastrukturprojekt möglich werden – gefördert von der FFG, und mit starker…