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One of the major contributions that TU Wien makes to society is in passing on the knowledge gained from its research activities so that society can benefit from them.

The institutes at TU Wien are very successful when it comes to securing highly sought-after public funding and conducting research projects alongside sponsors from industry and commerce and/or the public sector (third-party funds).

A number of collaboration projects are embedded within the institution in various forms. For example, the university is involved with a number of competence centres, networks, projects and Christian Doppler laboratories and plays a major role in the Austrian Science Fund’s (FWF) priority programmes.

Industry Relations

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In the field of business co-operation we offer several services for companies.

Technology Offers

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Here you can find technology offers for new developments, inventions and technologies.

Inventions, Patents, Commercialization

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The staff members of Patent and Licence Management provide support to inventors of TU Wien in filing patent applications and in patent management, as well as in the implementation and exploitation of inventions.


Do you have an innovative business idea and would like to found your own company? Contact the startup services at the TU Wien!

Fundraising and Sponsoring

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TU Wien is launching an extensive fundraising programme which aims to maintain its competitiveness in the fields of teaching and research going forward and to guarantee the quality of its research and teaching.