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Welcome to the GACHOT tribology research group!

Tribology is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion

The GACHOT tribology research group at the TU Wien studies lubricant-surface interactions, functionalised surfaces for tribological applications, near surface damages in tribological contacts (materials tribology) and new approaches to model contact phenomena at different scales.

Our contributions focus on basic research and the transfer of knowledge to industrial applications with an emphasis on machine elements. 



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Current research projects with focus on machine elements


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Courses currently held


[Translate to English:] Drei dreidimensionale Computerdarstellungen der Metallstruktur: Quader bestehend aus kleinen unregelmäßigen Körnchen.

A seemingly paradoxical effect: friction normally causes more damage at higher speeds. But at extremely high speeds, it is the other way around.


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