Welcome to the GEO Green Team website!

The Geodesy and Geoinformation (GEO) Department has founded the "GEO Green Team" group in 2018. The GEO Green Team consist of staff members and students who dedicate their free time for the creation of a more climate friendly work environment. Regular monthly lunch meetings (1 hr) are held to talk about what we see is still missing and what we can do in order to achieve these environmental friendlier goals: transport, waste reduction, recycling and upcycling, composting, energy and water conservation, pollution prevention, communication of sustainable facts and goals outside of the GEO Green Team. In these meetings tasks are gathered and if possible issued to volunteers e.g., gathering information needed, planning new sustainable structures, creating fact sheets for colleagues, planning film events, creating Bachelor/Master thesis, etc.


If possible events and activities are organised:

  • Movie evening watching a Documentary on plastic waste
  • Walk/bike - to - work challenge for a month
  • Clean-up-a-mountain-hike activity
  • A visit to "Spitelau" waste disposal factory in Vienna


In addition, long-term changes are promoted and enabled on a institute and/or departement level:

  • Waste separation and recycling bins in the kitchen
  • Storage for reusable lunchboxes in the kitchen to help reduce waste when getting lunch from restaurants
  • Local/biological catering for events
  • Waste free and fair trade coffee bean delivery each month to the full Departement
  • Flea market window sill area within the Departement (bring in old things that are to good to throw away, a co-worker could maybe use it: books, lamps, mirrors, earrings, etc.)


One of the big achievements of this group is the creation of a TU Green Team which should help to tackle higher level infrastructural sustainable challenges, goals and activities on a University level.
While TU Green Team is now the main group of this movement, the GEO Green Team is helping to achieve goals set by TU Green Team and keeps on brainstorming for new ideas and activities to keep people also within the GEO Departement up to date on how to be more sustainably conscious and environmental friendly at work and maybe also beyond.