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Research Unit Higher Geodesy

Higher Geodesy deals with the figure of the Earth, its gravity field, Earth orientation in space, and monitoring of global dynamic processes like plate tectonics and sea level variations. It makes use of space geodetic techniques and measurements at the Earth surface. Higher Geodesy plays a key role in improving our understanding of the complex Earth system and provides accurate and stable reference frames that are fundamental to any kind of positioning on Earth and in Space as well as to the observation of Global Change.


An analogue round clock with legs is overtaken by a rotating earth with legs while running.
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On 26 August 2023, universal time determined by Earth rotation (UT1) overtook the coordinated universal time (UTC), defined by atomic clocks. UT1 led…

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Events from 03. October 2023

12 October 2023

16:00 until 17:00

Type of event: OtherEvent location: Seminarraum DA02B (grüner Bereich, 2. Stock), 1040 Wien

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Research Unit Higher Geodesy

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