Eine Tafel beschrieben mit verschiedenen mathematischen Ausdrücken.

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Fundamentals of modeling and simulation are taught in various courses.

EEG - Analysis

Mann mit Haube mit Elektroden während einer EEG Messung

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As part of a cooperation with the Biosignal Analysis group at the Technical University of Munich, our research group is working on the analysis of EEG signals. The goal is to be able to use entropy calculations to classify the degree of alertness, i.e. the state of consciousness of anesthetized patients during an operation.

Model-based treatment of thyroid diseases

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In collaboration with the Medical University of Vienna, different time-dependent models simulating the thyroid control loop are analyzed to gather information on the correct dose of initial medication in hypothyroidism.

Reinforcement Learning

Glühbirne mit abstraktem Gitter.

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Reinforcement learning (RL) is a promising approach to machine learning in which an agent interacts with its environment.