OPUSH project: Empowerment of local communities

Libraries advance sustainable development by means of Open Science and Citizen Science activities

OPUSH project: Empowerment of local communities

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One of the preconditions of sustainable development is that it arises from local communities and is supported by them. The objective of the OPUSH (Open Urban Sustainability Hubs) project therefore lies in making knowledge of sustainable development and transformative actions more visible and more traceable, and to strengthen local communities by means of permanent access to open knowledge systems.

University libraries are hubs of research, but for most citizens, their city library is a place that is more accessible. In the OPUSH project, the university partners team up with local libraries to create new networks. Based on the diversity of the large number of students involved and the integration of disadvantaged population groups, OPUSH pursues an explicitly socially integrative community building approach. Thereby, OPUSH enhances the role and capacity of libraries within Open Science and through Citizen Science as a driver of sustainable development. 

The project is financed by the JPI Urban Europe.

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