A photo of Shail Jadav.

© Shail Jadav

Shail Jadav is a PhD candidate at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar. His research focuses on the creation of advanced control algorithms that emulate human-like learning capabilities in robotics. These unique algorithms aim to enhance features like quick relearning and error reduction during repeated exposure to the same perturbations. Beyond robotics, He is venturing into the fields of biomechanics and gait rehabilitation, with ambitions to formulate early diagnostic strategies for Parkinson’s disease and cost-effective gait trainers for rehabilitating patients in developing nations.
As a visiting scholar at TU Wien, He is currently focusing on the shared autonomy between humans and robots. He aims to establish a stability-guaranteed framework where robots transition from being passive followers to active leaders, based on the task requirements. This endeavour aims to enhance the human-like nature of robots in the context of shared manipulation.