The Long Night of Research is an annual event hold across Austria where people can visit universities and research facilities to see what current state of the art research is. This year it is happening on the 24th of May between 17 and 23 and the ASL Lab is participating.

We are preparing three demonstrations for the public.

  1. Quadruped Locomotion — we will showcase to the public the capabilities of a quadruped robot (robot dog)

  2. Human motion Imitation — On of our current works focused on imitating the motions of a human with a robot. We will show the public the ability of the robot to imitate their motions. We highly encourage your participation!

  3. Robot teleoperation with Virtual Reality — One common way of collecting data so the robot can learn is teleoperation. During the Long night of Research you will have the opportunity to teleoperate a robot arm with a virtual reality headset.

You can find our booth in the Gusshausstrasse Campus, opens an external URL in a new window. We are looking forward to meet you there!