The basic research of the Research Field of Engineering Hydrology and Water Quantity Management is dedicated to the movement of water in the landscape, in rivers and in the subsurface, and its interaction with other environmental processes, technical systems and society. The focus is on flood processes, the effects of climate change on the water cycle, mass transport in groundwater in connection with assessment of health risks and interdisciplinary basic research. Building on the results and competences gained in basic research, applied research is of direct relevance to society. Thematically, the focus is on prediction methods in water management, optimisation of groundwater resources and risk assessment in water management.

For example, within the framework of an Advanced Grant awarded by the European Research Council (ERC), measurements of the major floods in Europe over the last hundred years are being evaluated, supplemented by historical findings from the last 500 years. By means of a novel typification of floods and non-linear dynamic models, the process causes of the changes in floods will be investigated.

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