230.060 Ethics and technology 2022

Time: Tuesdays, 18-19:30
Location: HS 18 Czuber - MB, opens an external URL in a new window

Learning outcomes
After positive completion of the course, students are able to recognise ethical implications in decision-making processes in all areas of society, especially in relation to the technical sciences. They get to know the ethical principles in which all cultures agree and learn that these can serve as orientation as well as immovable standards.

Content of the course
The lecture series, which is held in cooperation with the Global Ethic Initiative Austria, deals with the ethical aspects in ecology, climate change, transport, politics as well as business and sustainable development.

Date Presenter Title
04.10.2022 Ardeshir Mahdavi „Publish or Perish“: Gedanken über den wissenschaftlichen Review-Prozess
11.10.2022 Hermann Knoflacher Warum eine Ethikvorlesung für Techniker_innen?
18.10.2022 Joshua Grigsby Malcolm's Maxim: Science, Sustainability, and the Ethics of a Finite World
08.11.2022 Robert Braun Responsible Innovation: technology responsive to societal needs and ethical concerns [EN]
22.11.2022 Markus Knoflacher Ethik im Handlungskontext
29.11.2022 Helga Kromp-Kolb Zur Ethik der Wissenschaft am Beispiel des Klimawandels
06.12.2022 Elisabeth Oberzaucher

Ethische Technik braucht Menschenforscher_innen

This unit takes place online via Zoom:
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13.12.2022 Kollektiv Raumstation Institut für Wertschätzung - über Planung, Partizipation und Aktivismus
20.12.2022 Peter Weish

Zukunftsfähige Technik

This unit takes place online via Zoom:
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10.01.2023 Edith Riether Weltethos und Technik
17.01.2023 Barbara Blaha Ethik und Verteilung
24.01.2023 Wolfgang Zagler Technik für Menschen