An international team of researchers at the Research Unit of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering, opens in new window (TU Wien, opens in new window, Austria) conducted an online survey on how the COVID-19 pandemic affects everyday travel behavior.

Publications and presentations


Media coverage

Our research team

Tadej Brezina, Günter Emberger (head of department), Melissa Kapfenberger (questionnaire implementation), Fabian Sandholzer (evaluation of data), Barbara Laa, Helmut Lemmerer, Ulrich Leth, Takeru Shibayama (head of survey design)


Special thanks go to the numerous volunteers who helped to translate the survey: Mohammad Sadegh Aminian, Francisco Porras Bernárdez, Flora Bolonyai, Ralitsa Dimova, Zdeněk Dytrt, Mihar Lokar, Simone Lopes, Rie Matsui, Masria Mustafa, Yu and Chie Nakajima, Jitka Ondráčková, Ebru Vesile Öcalir, Miklos Radics, Zanariah Abd Rahman, Igor Ripka, Benno and Leo Schmieder, Reynaldo Siahaan, Dana-Maria Tutui, Aso Validi, Amphai Wejwithan, Han Woong Yoo

We also thank a number of our international collaborators, former guest researchers and students, and volunteers who helped disseminate this survey widely.

Data sharing

Open Access to the survey’s anonymized raw data is available here, opens an external URL in a new window.