Background & policy context

Effective solutions to existing problems in long-distance door-to-door passenger transport chains, require the provision of attractive integrated networks and services. This is likely to require vision and co-operation between stakeholders in the public and private sectors.


ORIGAMI will build on the substantial body of knowledge on long-distance passenger transport already available from past and current projects (in particular KITE, LINK, INTERCONNECT, HERMES and CLOSER) and from other available literature. ORIGAMI will also collect substantial new data on the travel attitudes of long-distance travellers to alternative future transport provisions. The objective of ORIGAMI is to collate examples of current best practices and potential new technical solutions.


One strand of work will analyse: the technical solutions, investigate the extent to which solutions found in one mode can be transferred to other modes, identify barriers to be overcome, and discuss the findings with stakeholders. Another strand of work will investigate: traveller behaviour and attitudes in different countries and regions in order to identify the factors, demographics and traveller requirements which are likely to influence future trends in travel behaviour. Scenarios will be developed to investigate alternative futures and pathways towards a successful intermodal transport system. A range of modelling approaches will be used to forecast the demand for different modal combinations in the different scenarios. Solutions will be evaluated against relevant criteria for European transport policy. Recommendations will be made and disseminated amongst policy makers and other stakeholders including industry representatives and researchers.

The model LUNA

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LUNA (Simulating the demand for Long-distance travel Using a Non-OD-matrix based Approach) is a System Dynamics long-distance travel demand model developed in ORIGAMI: Link.


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