Interior view of the test laboratory

The testing laboratory of the Institute for Structural Engineering is located at Lilienthalgasse 14, Object OC in 1030 Vienna, Austria: Site plan (pdf), opens a file in a new window

A special concern of the institute are tests on large components on a scale of 1:1 to determine the load-bearing capacity, serviceability or durability of individual components.

The tests are mainly carried out in a compression test frame with a maximum capacity of 18,000 kN and on a tensile testing machine / fatigue testing machine with a capacity of 45,000 kN / 25,000 kN upper load. These two large testing facilities can also be used for bending tests up to a length of 20 m if adapted accordingly.

Of course, the laboratory also offers the possibility of tests on smaller components with other test frames.

Conducting field tests is another important field of activity of the Institute of Structural Engineering.

Image video of the laboratory of the Institute of Structural Engineering

Test in the laboratory of the Institute of Structural Engineering, TU Wien