The research area Ecological Building Technologies is dedicated to research and teaching, to the design and adaptation of the built environment, to future challenges such as climate change, environmental protection, resource scarcity, etc., with a special focus on the interactions between buildings, humans and environment. Preserving the functionality of structures and the quality of life in the buildings and cities of the future requires innovative system solutions using multifunctional, sustainable and environmentally sound building technologies. More about our research



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Innovation network for regenerative, recyclable, regional and resilient components in building construction


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Financing models for green infrastructure at schools


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Catalog of measures for the greening of schools in old buildings

Green: Cool & Care

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Green residential and nursing homes for the elderly.
Technical solutions and social innovations

Greening Aspang

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Overall energy optimization of urban areas

Greening UP!

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Sustainable green care, maintenance, upkeep of vertical greenery incl. legal aspects


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Guide to greening in new school construction


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Green school oases in new buildings. Influence of greening systems on the immediate microclimate.