RecyCl II - treatment of road runoff containing de-icing salts by electrodialysis and reversed osmosis

2019 - 2021


Contact Person:
Norbert Kreuzinger

Project Staff:
Daniela Reif, Matthias Hainz

National Partners:
ILF Consulting

Brief information on the project

The general aim of the RecyCl II project is to prove that desalination of road runoff by electrodialysis and/or reverse osmosis are technological and economical meaningful options for the simultaneous reduction of chloride emissions in receiving water bodies.

For this purpose, the road runoff collected in retention basins at the existing water protection sites will be concentrated by a pilot-scale electrodialysis and/or reverse osmosis plant. The generated brine should then be reused for de-icing in winter service. Both processeswill be optimized with regard to the operating parameters, control and regulation as well as the product concentrations and compared with each other. The pilot plant will be placed at a water protection site on the S10 (Upper Austria). The receiving water body is very small and highly sensitive. Therefore, an accompanying environmental monitoring will be carried out to prove the positive effect of desalination on water quality.