Catchment area management for the Pulkau taking into account its influence on the Thaya

The Pulkau is an Austrian watercourse, which on the one hand is located in one of the regions with the lowest runoff in Austria and on the other hand is exposed to a high utilization pressure due to loads from municipalities, agriculture, trade and industry. The situation is also problematic as the Pulkau is also a major source of pollution for the Thaya, which leaves the Austrian territory after the confluence of the Pulkau to the Czech Republic. The research of the Institute in this field focuses on the quantification of the relationship between emissions of different parameters of different origin, the resulting immissions and the state of the water body with special regard to the compliance with chemical-physical and biological quality objectives. This research activity serves as a basis for the development of water protection strategies in the interaction of the interests of different stakeholders from industry and administration of the participating countries.