Scanning and data capturing for Integrated Resources and Energy Assessment using Building Information Modelling

Project Description

Due to worldwide rapidly increasing consumption of resources and land, as well as growing generation of waste, increasing of recycling rates and reuse of materials, next to reduction of energy consumption is of highest priority for achievement of sustainability.

The aim of this project is increasing of resources and energy efficiency using gamification concept, through coupling of technologies and methods for capturing and modelling (asbuilt BIM) of buildings and assets (geometry and material composition). Using a real case (TU Wien, Aspanggründe) the Integrated Data Capturing and Modelling Methods will be tested and evaluated in terms of costs and benefits. Thereby for capturing of geometry we will use laser scanning and photogrammetry, and for capturing of material composition Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

Finally, a Proof of Concept for the suitability of GPR for material capturing and modelling via semi-automatic Scan to BIM process for generation of information-rich as-built BIM from a Point-Cloud will be compiled, which would enable efficient generation of models for Material Passports or BEM - Building Energy Modelling.
Within this project we will develop the innovative gamification concept, where through user participation the structural changes and user behavior (such as open windows or lighting) can be assessed. Through implementation of user data, the asbuilt BIM is updated.