BIM digitally signed with Blockchain during the planning phase

Project Description

One response to the lack of digitization in the construction industry is the adoption of BIM workflows (Building Information Modeling) and BIM software tools, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in planning practice. However, this integrated planning approach continues to face many challenges. BIM models are used by many different stakeholders, mostly in isolation, and interdisciplinary planning still occurs sequentially and lacks transparency. The BIM data exchange workflows reflect the traditional planning processes, which have been in place since the exchange of hand-drawn 2D plans. To overcome these issues, drive innovation, and fully exploit the potential of BIM, it is necessary to create a business model that supports synchronous, seamless data exchange with BIM workflows.

The research project BIMd.sign is a draft for a BIM-supported planning using Blockchain and smart contracts. The Blockchain format and the integral BIM framework are combined, and the processes for creating smart contracts (Blockchain) for BIM-based value chains are defined. In this way, the model-based communication of the different process stakeholders is made transparent, automated, and a holistic BIM-Blockchain solution for planning (BIMd.sign planning) is created. This project is carried out as part of a joint transnational research initiative between Germany and Austria. It follows an integral approach with the goal of creating a common cross-border framework for the BIM and Blockchain-supported value creation process in high construction and infrastructure, along the lifecycle, in the phases of planning, building, and operation.